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Warranty and Returns

Dear Customer, thank you for purchasing AVEL product!

We have applied our best efforts so that the product would satisfy your needs and it's quality would comply with the best standards.

You can get AVEL Authorized Service Center (AASC) addresses and contact details from Service Center list. We strongly recommend addressing AASCs should you have any problems with the operation and use of your device. AVEL is only responsible for product’s hardware and software failures and not responsible for other losses that may happen due to failure of the product.

1. Return Policy

AVEL accepts product returns in the countries with AVEL Authorized Service Center (AASC) presence in accordance with the local legislation (have a check of addresses and contact details: Service Center list).

Products returns are not effective for international shipments. AVEL will help to solve a problem by sending the required parts and/or by providing the necessary hardware or software updates. Please contact us anytime to get support for your AVEL product:

2. Warranty period:

TVs (including Waterproof series, regular and Smart series) – 24 months

Advertising Displays and players – 24 months

Industrial Monitors and Panel PCs – 24 months

Other electronic products – 12 months

Accessories which belong to our product's delivery package if their replacement is not connected with the product disassembly:

  • remote control devices, batteries, accumulators, illumination lamps

  • power supply adapters, chargers

  • connection cables, antennas and adapters, microphones

  • cases, bags – 6 months

Warranty term is measured from the date of sale. If the date of sale can not be established warranty term is measured from the date of manufacture marked on the warranty seal.

3. Local Manufacturer's warranty service is only provided in countries with presence of local AASC. Terms of warranty apply within effective consumer protection law and are governed by the law of the country.

4. If there is no local AASC in your country, then contact our head office in China for International warranty service.

5. Warranty service is not applied in the case of:

  • Warranty sticker damage or loss

  • Improper electrical supply and connection (not in accordance with product specification, User Manual and AC/DC adapter specification)

  • Abnormal product use, maintenance, storage (not in accordance with User Manual)

  • Man-made intentional damage; unauthorized disassembling

  • Mechanical damages caused by accident, such as falling, extrusion, crash, high temperature (temperature above normal), exposure under sunshine (exclude outdoor products), operate in the water out of waterproof grade we declared (waterproof series products)

  • Damages caused by illegal software installation or virus programs

  • Other force majeure damages caused by natural disasters, earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, lightning strike or war

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