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Kitchen TV upgrade! 4 different lift systems are supported for Flip-UP or Slide-UP installation

Our Cabinet door TV AVS220K is now compatible with Slide-Up and Flip-Up lift systems from two worlwide famous vendors: Blum and Kessebohmer.

Compatible lift systems:

  • Blum Aventos (Tip-On and Servo Drive options supported):
  1. HK29 (20S4200)   Blum Aventos HK29
  2. HL27/38 (20S4200)   Blum Aventos HL27/38
  • Kessebohmer (push-to-open and eTouch options supported):
  1. FREEflap forte-F   Kessebohmer FREEflap
  2. FREEslide Q3us   Kessebohmer FREEslide
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