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Kitchen TVs: Questions and Answers

How do I find the right size TV for my kitchen?

The main rule is the smaller the kitchen, the smaller the TV. Preferable for kitchens up to 9 square meters will be small models with a diagonal of 19-20 inches. Medium kitchens of 10-15 square meters will be best matched with medium-sized screens, no larger than 24 inches. In a spacious kitchen of 18 square meters, you can place both a small TV and a large one. But the screen of 32 inches and above will look best.

What is the ideal size of TV for a kitchen counter?

First of all, you should start with the size of th the kitchen and the kitchen table. And while in most cases we recommend slim models of 22-24 inches, you may want to build an Avel TV into the kitchen cabinet door. That's a great idea! All you need to do is to measure the dimensions of the cabinet, choose a TV model and pass them to our specialists.

What size TV for the kitchen cabinet?

For a kitchen wall, we recommend you consider models with a diagonal of 20 inches or more. A TV of a smaller size will not provide the desired impact. Also, when choosing, you should start from the size of the kitchen (bigger kitchen - bigger TV) and do not forget about the distance of the wall from the table. A big screen placed too close to the viewer harms both eyesight and pleasure of watching.

What is the best place in the kitchen for a TV?

There are several solutions, and each has its pros and cons, as well as its price range. The main thing to remember: many men - many minds. It is impossible to determine the perfect TV placement without considering the specifics of the kitchen and its owner. You can only suggest good, classic placement options.
  1. Placing the TV with brackets on the wall.
  2. Installing the TV in a special niche.
  3. Integrate the TV into a uniformly styled kitchen space by incorporating it into the furniture.

What shouldn't you do when installing a TV?

Until the scientific community has made a list of rules for TV placement, we'll limit ourselves to recommendations.

Don't place the TV set too high (or too low) or you'll get eye and neck pain while watching it. It is better not to put the TV near the fire and steam (further from the stove and the sink), otherwise, it can be damaged. But these recommendations are for regular TVs. The Avel models aren't afraid of moisture or heat, they're built to handle tough conditions and won't let you down!

Can I place my Avel TV above my fridge?

There is a lot of controversy about it. And while the defenders of the idea say that such placement saves space in the kitchen, which can often be lacking, opponents insist on the negative impact of these devices on their performance and argue that it is fraught with failure. We are happy to announce to all owners of Avel appliances - our devices are protected from any restrictions on placement above or near the refrigerator!

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