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Bathroom TVs: Questions and Answers

Can I install a regular TV in the bathroom?

In rooms with high humidity (and humidity in the bathroom is critically high), the possibility of a short circuit significantly increases. So it's not safe to put an ordinary TV that isn't protected in any way from moisture in the bathroom, either for human life or the TV. But all Avis bathroom models are IPX4-rated, which means they're waterproof and safe to put in the bath.

Should I have a waterproof enclosure for my TV?

Special waterproof enclosures are used to mount a regular TV in the bathroom. You can put a regular TV in such an enclosure (without getting a new one) and install it in the bathroom. Such a case is not too expensive, versatile (usually suitable for a small range of diameters), and does not require special skills for installation. At the same time, its flexibility hides its disadvantages: large size and poor sound quality due to the hermetically sealed speakers of a regular TV. If it is important for you to save space, as well as to enjoy the excellent sound, it is better to choose a special TV from Avel, sparing yourself all the negative emotions.

How to install a TV in the bathroom?

Unlike other rooms, the bathroom is much more humid and the operating conditions of technology in this room are different. That's why you need to be careful when choosing where to install your TV and give preference to a TV with a high level of moisture protection. 

What's the best way to protect a TV in the bathroom?

As mentioned above, because of the danger of short circuits, regular TV models are not allowed to be installed in the bathroom. However, there are several solutions to this problem.
  1. Buy a special sealed enclosure to protect a regular TV from moisture
  2. A special moisture-proof TV designed for use in areas with high levels of moisture and temperature.
Each of the two methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

What can a smart mirror do?

Everything your smartphone does and more! In addition to the fact that the mirror can include your music, videos from YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms, it can give you an unforgettable experience surfing the Internet and viewing social networks on the big screen. Imagine watching Instagram posts on the big screen right in your bathroom! With a built-in camera, you can easily make video calls, and with an integrated microphone, you can connect your Google or Amazon voice assistant to the smart mirror. Moreover, if you install such a mirror in a cafe or restaurant you may pleasantly surprise your customers!

Is it possible to place a TV behind the mirror in your own bathroom?

Of course, there is probably more than one video of such DIYs on Youtube. However, all the difficulties and disadvantages of such solutions usually remain behind the scenes. And this option is not always cheaper. Sometimes it is easier and cheaper to contact professionals and buy a ready-to-use TV, prepared and installed, taking into account the peculiarities of the interior and the wishes of a customer.

Where should I place the power adapter from the integrated TV in the bathroom?

You can place the adapter in any spot free from contact with water and strong exposure to condensation. Usually in this case we apply a creative solution to the problem. We recommend our customers to hide the adapter in an extra recess to connect additional devices (a console or flash drive/hard drive) or in a cabinet in the bathroom, located on the same wall if it should be there. It is possible to put the extended interfaces of the TV and power adapter behind the wall, where the faucets are located if the situation allows and it is acceptable to the customer.

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